My Approach

A deep commitment to balancing the body, mind, and energy systems

Integrative + Multifaceted.

With a powerful foundation in medically-based massage practices, Julie’s known for her precision, professionalism, and inquisitive nature. Her dedication to understanding clients’ anatomy and ongoing needs results in a deep level of healing.


Uncompromising Quality.

Everything that touches Julie’s clients is superb—from her buttery-soft sheets to the purest aromatherapy oils—clients can expect to be handled with the utmost level of distinction. Her “massage hideaway” is purposefully designed to ease clients into a state of relaxation, so their treatment can have maximum effect.


Intuitive, Compassionate Care.

With an uncanny ability to help clients feel comfortable and safe, Julie’s compassion and intuition underscore her practice. Julie can also sense and put into words what clients often struggle to identify, such as emotional traumas that are being stored in muscle memory.

Deep Dedication to Client’s Health.

If client’s issues go beyond what Julie can provide, she will make recommendations for other specialists. This has resulted in helping clients diagnose serious issues like kidney stones and blood clots. Without this high level of anatomical knowledge and attention to detail, these clients’ medical issues may have been overlooked and caused serious or fatal damage.

I welcome every type of client that feels drawn to my practice, but I specialize in healing these types of individuals and concerns:

  • LGBT
  • Trauma
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Empathy Fatigue
  • Highly Sensitive Person
  • Digestive issues
  • Caregiver burnout