About Julie Johnson

A lifetime of healing others

Julie Johnson is an Ossining-based licensed massage therapist with decades of professional experience as a healer and teacher. With a comprehensive foundation of education at The Swedish Institute of Health and Science and Therapeutic Touch at Pumpkin Hollow Retreat Center, her background also includes extensive training in multiple forms of healing arts, including: shiatsu, myofascial release, and reflexology.

Julie’s vision for creating a calming sanctuary for clients manifested in her practice, “The Peaceful Body”, a private massage studio where each customized session is held in a beautiful and serene setting. She is an active member of the AMTA, her local Rotary club, and a dedicated member of the Ossining business community.

About Julie’s Massage Studio

What used to be a 1920’s doctor’s office is still used for healing and wellness today. Julie’s massage studio is situated at the end of a tree-laden red brick drive, tucked away from the hustle of the world. A quiet haven of tranquility and healing, the space is perfect for highly sensitive people, introverts, and those seeking a stress-relieving mini-retreat. This tailored approach to bodywork allows clients to feel as though the space is distinctly crafted just for them. In a sea of cookie-cutter spas, Julie’s massage studio is a rare gem that delivers deep attention to detail, ambience, and compassionate care.

A Letter from Julie

Dear Readers,
It’s been my honor and deeply fulfilling journey to help others heal from physical pain, emotional suffering, and the modern-day epidemic of stress. I have watched my clients discover massage as a path to their vitality—and ease into a new life without chronic pain, heavy anxiety medications, or the fear that they are forever doomed to be depressed and uncomfortable. The healing effects of bodywork are boundless and inspiring; it is my life’s work to facilitate the restoration of my client’s health and well-being through intuitive, medically-based massage practices. I look forward to welcoming you into my unique abode, where we can work together towards a vibrant, pain-free future.

In Peacefulness + Health,