Julie Johnson, LMT

Therapeutic Massage Meets Intuitive Healing

You don’t need to live your life in constant pain or stress

There is profound hope and healing in comprehensive massage therapy.

Hi, I’m Julie Johnson and I’m so happy you’ve found my massage “home” on the web.

My life’s work is to help heal clients’ discomfort so they can live their lives vibrantly and pain-free. I specialize in treating stress-related issues, anxiety and depression, and a multitude of injury or illness-related concerns.

My unique “mini-retreat” massage studio is located in Ossining, NY, in Westchester county
“I’ve received massages from all over the world, from the former masseuse for a Russian olympic team to a Balinese bodyworker who’s ancient healing arts spanned back many generations. I’ve also clocked around 60 hours of surgery and have flare-ups with my joints, muscles, and nerves. Given this background, please take my word for it:

Julie is a rare gift—one of the very best massage therapists I’ve ever experienced.

I feel the effects of her magical, technically-advanced touch long after a session. It’s rare that someone has both such a strong intuition combined with a fluent knowledge of anatomy.”

– Laura V.